Abu Dhabi City Municipality organizes SRF 2018

September 26, 2018, Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has organised the "Social Responsibility Forum 2018" in coordination with the Social Services Department at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi. The Forum attracted a diverse cast of public and private sector companies.

This year's Forum follows the success of 2017 edition. It stems from the keenness of Abu Dhabi City Municipality in meeting the directives of the government, engaging social sectors in serving the nation and establishing the framework of corporate responsibility governance.

Therefore, the Municipality opted to organise the Social Responsibility Forum to achieve the desired objectives of involving the private and public sector in the development of the society through providing services and establishing joint facilities under the framework of social responsibility. In return, this will help drive the economic development and contribute to the urban and sustainable development, besides providing civilised services that will bring happiness to the community.

The Forum also aims at educating the private and public sectors about the concepts of social responsibility, engaging them in initiatives related to social responsibility, and implementing the society requirements in constructing community facilities in Abu Dhabi. The signing of partnership agreements to undertake projects and communal facilities to improve the quality of life, brings happiness to the people and achieves sustainable development. It seeks to invest in the existing resources and expertise of the public and private sectors to achieve mutual benefits and improving community services, recreational facilities and the standard of living.

The Municipality expressed satisfaction with the findings of 2017 Forum that included several projects to be constructed by the private sector under the framework of its social responsibility.

In the opening statement of the Social Responsibility Forum 2018, the Municipality stressed that this year's Forum has exceptional importance as it coincides with the Year of Zayed, which is a year of giving, tolerance and synergy, and with the International Day of Social Responsibility. Therefore, the Municipality looks forward to this forum as a true manifestation of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan values, who said: "The process of development, construction and improvement does not only depend on those who are in positions of responsibility, but it requires all efforts of citizens".

The Municipality believes that by God Grace and the wisdom of our leadership, we are living in a nation of giving, solidarity, synergy, and charitable initiatives. These are values that underline the concept of social responsibility and make us one of the best counties in the world with these principles.

It also called for recalling the words of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to reflect the values of social responsibility and its objectives on the ground, where he said: "The nationality is not about constantly taking, it is giving before anything, it is about sacrificing for the country, because nationality is a responsibility for every citizen, despite their working environment".

"Promoting the overall development of our country requires concerted efforts, integration of initiatives from government institutions, local community system and social segments to establish a harmonious society that promotes the highest humanitarian principles and opens the way for everyone in the society to express their faith and reflect the values of social responsibility. It echoes the wise words of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces: (We seek a cohesive society with values of tolerance, coexistence, harmony and synergy)", added the Municipality.

The Municipality pays high attention to establishing social responsibility in the private sector institutions and amongst the society segments to use it in serving the nation, contributing to its developmental process. In addition, enhancing the spirit of volunteering and its specialised programmes amongst all society segments for the sake of enabling the private and public sector to deliver a real service to the community and taking advantage of their competencies in all fields, stressing that these values must be a real goal of their initiatives and relations with the community. It also seeks to promote the concept of serving the nation is one of the vital features of the Emirati personality, and all those living in the UAE, both citizens and residents.

The Municipality stressed that its goal as a governmental institution would not be achieved without the support, cooperation and partnership with the private sector. It appreciates their influential role and great initiatives that contribute to enhancing the values of social responsibility and have a positive reflection on the overall development of the UAE.

The social responsibility initiatives and projects are aimed at providing community facilities for urban areas, providing various playgrounds for children of all ages, providing recreational spaces that include entertainment facilities to meet the needs of the population and Abu Dhabi's overall urban development. In addition to supporting the recreational, educational, cultural activities to bring happiness to the community and improve the quality of life.

Social responsibility initiatives cover several aspects, including construction initiatives, such as the infrastructure, residential parks, games areas, public open spaces, walking and cycling tracks, besides recreational initiatives and activities.

The proposed projects under this framework include aesthetic improvements to the Al Jawazat Bridge, redevelopment, beautification and improvement of Carrefour bridge, designing the lighting of the bridge that links Khalifa City and Al Raha Beach ،the residential neighbourhood gardens project through building of a multi-activity area located South of Al Wathba, besides building a multi-activity area in the New Shahama. In addition to games area in Baniyas, a smart children's play area including innovative sports equipment located in Al Hudayriat Island, , and a multi-activity area at Abu Dhabi Corniche - the official park a. The projects also cover the walking & cycling tracks, seating places in Abu Dhabi and the old officers' villas .

Initiatives and activities
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has managed through the Social Services Department to activate the values and principles of social responsibility through its practices, activities and practical programmes on the ground. Also, the Municipality has had many of these achievements, including but not limited to: "My Capital", "Sport without Borders", "Our Libraries", "Volunteer Programme".

Major Pillars
The meeting reviewed the most important achievements of 2017 projects, which came as a result of the private sector interaction with the values and principles of social responsibility. The presentation also highlighted the most important initiatives of social responsibility, followed by an open discussion session on the most important requirements for activating
At the end of the Forum, the Municipality honoured the participants; which was a distinctive gesture reflecting the social responsibility of the civil body. It has made initiatives and projects that have contributed to providing recreational services and facilities. The Municipality expressed recognition for these positive initiatives to its partners namely: The companies are: Emirates Global Aluminium, Ghantoot Transport & General Contracting LLC, Al Hail Holding Company, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company - Du, Jebel Trading & Import Company LLC, Software AG, , Segvox FZ LLC, Smithline Company, Darwish Holding Group GMBH, Taramac Abu Dhabi Limited, Development & Investment Company (TDIC), Technology Strategies Middle East – TSME, Noor Al Sahra General Contracting LLC, M E N A Engineering Equipment LLC, Lulu International Group, IWIRE Connect L.L.C, Orange Business Services, Asimat Al Bina Contracting LLC, Frankihs , and Naya Excellence Group